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  1. Do you use PTMC platform?

    Hi to all, Several days ago I found interesting trading software (in my opinion) that provides access to FX and exchange markets via different brokers (FXCM, OANDA, Interactive Brokers). This is PTMC or Protrader Multi-Connect I tried it with IB and find it very-very interesting for my purposes...
  2. RSP Deposit Type - Interactive Brokers

    Hi, I have an Interactive Brokers RRSP account and I'm trying to make a deposit/contribution. On the deposit screen for the RRSP account. There is a row "RSP Deposit Type", I select "Contribution" from the drop down and then it asks for a year. 2016 or 2015. Does anyone know what this is...
  3. Interactive Brokers Canada (IB Canada)

    It sounds like IB Canada is about to be severed from its IB LLC (US) backbone. Current users will get a new account number soon and 2 tax forms for the year 2013. The only benefits they list are not having to meet US margin requirements or pattern day trading requirements and simplified...