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  1. Inheritance from UK

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi I have some inheritance money in the UK which I wish to transfer to my account in Canada. I understand that I don't have to pay tax on inheritance but there was no probate made as property was not involved and it was under the UK inheritance tax limit. I don't want to bring it over all at...
  2. What to do when inheriting a large sum of money (C$2M+)

    I am aware that Rule #1 of a large inheritance is do NOTHING right away to avoid stupid decisions etc.. Obviously sitting down with a financial planner is also of the utmost importance, especially due to our unsophisticated investment knowledge, but I wanted to start getting a feel for things...
  3. Inheriting $600,000 with no financial education

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi All, First time posting but I've been browsing the forum for quite a while. In a nutshell... My father recently passed away and he had a life insurance policy for myself and my two siblings in the amount of $850,000. This policy will be split unequally among the three of us, my brother will...
  4. Reverse Mortgage

    Real Estate
    Hi, My half-brother and I inherited our mother's house in British Columbia. My half-brother is living in the house, wants to continue living in the house & doesn't have the funds to buy me out of my half of the house. He is 76, I am 56 & we are both retired. I have been looking into reverse...