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  1. Pring's Inflation and Deflation Indexes

    A full explanation of the indexes, by Martin Pring, here: In a way, it looks as if Pring is reinventing the wheel, because a chart of the CRB Index looks very similar to his...
  2. How to balance a portfolio with coming inflation ?

    It is my first post in this forum. Sorry if this questions has been asked before, I couldn't find a current answer. I am at a loss to balance my portfolio with the present extremely low rates and expected high inflation. I am 66 year old with a pension that I can live on (unless inflation kills...
  3. How are you preparing for coming inflation?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Are you buying gold as a hedge against monetary inflation? Are you reducing debt at the expense of future investment? Will global stimulus cause global inflation? If every country is experiencing inflation, will we notice? This is an excellent forum to discuss how the average family is...