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  1. Mutual funds vs Index funds.

    Hi everyone!! Reading a little bit about stocks and personal finance I found some important information that can be useful for beginners that want to start investing. Many people want to make some extra income aside their job so they want to start investing in stocks, but most people don´t...
  2. Index Investing

    I am pretty new to investing, so I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me better regarding index investing. If indexes don't pay dividends or earn interest, where does the growth come from? I mean besides regular contributions. I feel like I'm missing something simple here...
  3. Questions regarding Low cost INDEX funds

    Hello everyone, I have been reading around the forum and read some of the books that were recommended in this forum and it seems that for people like me who don't really have knowledge with regards to stocks, low cost index fund seems like the best bet. I am currently a student and I have been...
  4. TD eSeries (Fees on USD Conversion vs Higher MERs on Hedged Funds)

    UPDATE - I searched a bit more in the forums and found more info on the differences between the various TD eSeries funds I'm looking at. Sorry for the duplication. However, if anyone has any further commentary on hedged funds vs non-hedged, I'm all ears. Thanks! ==============================...
  5. When to move from index funds to ETFs?

    My retirement accounts are all indexed using a "couch potato" strategy - allocated among Canadian and US equities and a Canadian bond index fund. At what point does it make sense to move to ETFs? If I compare the MER, the index funds cost 66 basis points per year, and I could assemble a...