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index investing strategy

  1. Coach Potato unrealized gains take the money and run?

    Hello, I have done the "couch potato" investment strategy with my RSPs for about a year now. There have been some modest gains, but with the recent stock market uptick I have seen some more significant returns. My unrealized gains have a healthy balance and I was wondering what to do with...
  2. New Couch Potato: How to Allocate?

    Hello, hello! There are must be so many posts like mine; I hope you'll bear with me because I'd be very grateful to hear your advice. I'm new to index investing - aside from reading the Moneysense book and the Boglehead's Guide, where I understand the concept and the basics (and am convinced...
  3. Index investing debate

    I'm already a huge fan of the index investing philosophy and have put my money where my mouth is so to speak. But when discussing it with some other people they brought up some old arguements that I confess I can't really convincingly answer. Specifically the case studies of Japan in the...