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  1. Is now a good timing to enter the marker (index funds)?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi all, Thank you for reading my post and sharing your opinion. I am 27 and have 50k that I would like to invest for my retirement. Call it a ~30-35 year investment. The money is now 'sleeping' in my TFSA, not invested for now. After a bit of shopping and following Buffet's advice for people in...
  2. Where's my money at?

    Hello all, first time poster on a mission to get a good picture of my asset allocation. I invest in passive and manged mutual funds and ETF's. Because I'm usually after specific products, with low fees, I've ended up having these funds dispersed across four different FI's. There's 14 different...
  3. TD bond index (TDB909)

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    I have just one question regarding the TD bond index fund. There is a penalty if you redeem within 90 days of buying the fund. However, since I am DRIPPing the fund every month, which means that I am essentially buying a couple of units of the fund every month --> does this mean that I will...
  4. Index ETF DIY vs Managed Mutual Funds

    Hello All I have been reading this Personal Finance forum for a couple weeks now, and have found some of the information to be excellent. I am comfortable asking my question and seeing what kind of objective info comes to light. The scenario is this: In 4 months my daughter will be done...
  5. Foreign Funds in TD e-Series TFSA

    The article Tax Optimizing the Couch Potato Portfolio applies the coach potato across all acount types and notes that I understand how this would work with ETF but don't understand how I would see the tax with the e-Series funds. For example, I were to use the TD e-Series US index and...
  6. RBC Canadian Bond Index: any objections?

    I've been scrutinizing some of my bank's index funds and came across this one that looks pretty good, although the recent performance hasn't been great. I'm thinking I may lessen my exposure to precious metals...