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  1. Taxation
    Hey folks. First time posting here! I have an HST account for a Sole Proprietorship that was active many years ago. A couple years ago I closed the HST account since I had only filed nil remittances for several years, and didn't anticipate doing any further business through it. Fast forward to...
  2. Taxation
    Quickie, I hope ... I sell products to customers in the USA and Canada. I am based in Ontario w an HST number. 1. In reporting income for HST purposes (Taxable sales including zero-rated supplies, made in Canada), do I report my income from all sales to customers in the US and Canada, or only...
  3. Taxation
    Hello All, This is my first post, so be gentle :-) I run a business as a sole proprietor and am registered and collect HST. I understand form reading the CRA site and many other forums that I have a choice to either include HST in my expenses or claim expenses net of HST and use them as an Input...
  4. Taxation
    I'm in the process of purchasing our first income properties. One has a commercial space on the main level and two apartments above. I believe I have to pay HST on the commercial portion of the building but not the residential portion. I've been looking for details on this and found the...
1-4 of 5 Results