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  1. Borrowing from LOC to invest HISA

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi, I'm in a fortunate position where as a perk of the company I work for, I can borrow up to $350K at only 1%. I'm looking at maxing this out and just dumping all the money in a High Interest Savings account that pays 1.6%. My calculations indicate I'd make $2,100 a year for basically doing...
  2. risk free with minimal interest (td waterhouse business account)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi there, What are some risk free (or relatively low risk) investment account I would be able to purchase through td waterhouse? Basically, I have a td warterhouse account for my business (I only widthdraw a portion through dividend and leave the rest in the business after paying business tax)...
  3. Lowered Interest Rates

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Many of the banks with decent HISA (TFSA or unregistered) interest rates dropped their rates near the end of March or beginning of April. As far as I know, the BoC didn't change their rate, so I'm curious as to why the sudden change? Was this just a case of one of them lowering their rate so...