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  1. Gift from overseas

    I had a quick question and was hoping for some guidance. My sister has received a cash gift (~8K) from her father-in-law. Think of it as a belated baby shower gift. Father-in-law lives in Asia (not a Canadian Citizen / Resident) and hand carried the cash to Canada during his visit. My sister is...
  2. Gift Tax from Outside Canada

    Can I, as an Irish national living in Ireland, gift money to my son a Canadian citizen living in Canada without hin incurring a tax liability in Canada
  3. Parents Moving into Son's New House - Most Tax-Efficient Way to Give Money to Son?

    Hello, My wife and I plan on moving into my son's house once he purchases a new one. I suspect we are not the only ones going down this route as we get older and a bit more fragile. Thanks to the relatively "inexpensive" house prices in my son's locale and us merging our financial resources, it...
  4. Corporation Owned Property - Can It Be Transfer Directly to Shareholder

    Real Estate
    Hello, Is a property owned by a corporation allowed to transfer a property title to a shareholder of that corporation. My family and I are all shareholders within the corporation (25% each). There is a property which we would like to move out of the corporation and we were wondering if we...
  5. transferring us stock gift to canada

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I live in Canada. A relative living in the US would like to gift me some stocks rather than cash. The advantage of gifting me stocks is that he would not be liable for capital gains tax in the US on his gift (up to a certain point). As a Canadian living in Canada, I won't have to pay gift tax...
  6. Gift Card gifts from a small business?

    Hello, I recently started a small business. According to this: I can gift employees up to $500 each per year. The only thing is at the moment myself and my wife are the only employees and we both have addition full time jobs. Would...
  7. Gifting Money to a Spouse?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I just learned something new, but it opens up a bunch of new questions for me! I didn't know all the income splitting rules, and just discovered this: A prescribed rate loan. Gifts of interest free loans from a higher income spouse to a lower income spouse result in investment income being...