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  1. Need input for personal financial scenario...

    General Personal Finance Talk
    My fixed mortgage at 2.69% is up April 2020 where lump sum payments dont affect current interest payments. I have 15k sitting in my chequings account and 8k in a cheesy lowest interest ever TFSA. I have seen GIC ads for 3% interest for a one year term and am curious if I would be better off...
  2. risk free with minimal interest (td waterhouse business account)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi there, What are some risk free (or relatively low risk) investment account I would be able to purchase through td waterhouse? Basically, I have a td warterhouse account for my business (I only widthdraw a portion through dividend and leave the rest in the business after paying business tax)...

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Ok, here is our situation. I am a nursing student, soon to be graduated in 1.5 years at which point I will join the full time work force (oh joy!). My partner makes around $80,000/year. He does not like money talk, and until I came along had been accruing credit card debt. He struggles with...
  4. GIC or pay down mortgage???

    Real Estate
    I currently have about $30,000 to invest. I am looking for a safe investment, as I'll need that money for a down payment in about two to three years. I am considering two options: a) Invest in GIC (approx. 1.6% to 2% for 2 to 3 year term) b) Pay down the mortgage on a cash-flow positive...
  5. Best GIC rates?

    I tried searching "GIC" but it said it found nothing which I find difficult to believe! Can anyone tell me where I can find a good comparison of GIC rates? I'm looking at starting a ladder as part of my portfolio and want to get the most bang for my bucks.
  6. Index-linked GIC questions

    Hello: I have some questions for the forum re: index-linked GICs. I have some funds that I will need in two years. I want them to get (or at least have chance of getting) better than the 2.2% top rate for high interest savings. Need the principal in two years so can't risk a loss. My questions...