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  1. Taxation
    We have inherited shares of oil & gas royalties. For the calendar year 2016, these royalties (in form of monthly cheques) have been withheld until the estate was cleared. Now the estate has been cleared and royalties have been transferred in our name (apparently), however the royalty cheques...
  2. Deals and Freebies
    Check out this new deal. Loblaws stores (all Loblaws including T&T, Superstore, No Frills) have Esso $50 GC for 5% off. Just picked up a couple at my local T&T store. Go get em! The offer is from today (the 17th) till the 30th. Happy Shopping :)
  3. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Again another junior oil and gas company that is emphasizing the value of its assets and low cost-structure while losing out on low-oil prices. Anyone have any insight as to whether this one (I know LRE and ATH have been discussed here before) stands a chance of surviving if the oil slump...
  4. Frugality
    Hi, I am buying a home in west edmonton alberta. Can you let me know for each of the following which company I should go with to get cheapest? I and another tenant will be staying. So, we wont be using much. I dont know anything about the companies and I am new to all this. I want with cheapest...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Interesting article on how a oil rig and natural gas generator powered entirely by natural gas could give energy companies a greater choice and benefit the environment...
1-5 of 5 Results