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  1. Robo Advisors in Canada

    Are you looking for the easiest possible way to get a diversified investment portfolio, an answer to your investing questions – at a price that keeps most of your money working for you? If you have read a lot about index investing and want to embrace a cost-conscious alternative to expensive...
  2. Frugality: Friend or foe?

    Hi everyone!! I was speaking about this topic this morning and from my point of view we have to be very careful with frugality in our lives as it can be either helpful and can be also harmful. It can be our friend or become our foe too. One simple example: My sister, she is in a comfort zone...
  3. Do you, or would you ever consider dumpster diving or frugan living?

    I realize these are two different, albeit similar things. I have dumpster dove before, and would have no or little hesitation if I found something I wanted in a dumpster. I hesitate at anything that has a high chance of harboring bed bugs, but other than that I have little hesitation. Frugan...
  4. Frugal Living / Minimalistic Blogs?

    What frugal or minimal living blogs do you read? My favourite is by Tammy Strobel, author of Simply Car-free: How to Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life. Would love to find a few more extremely frugal (the more extreme the better!) blogs out there to...
  5. Frugal house purchase on Halifax Peninsula?

    Does anyone here live in Halifax and knows the Peninsula quite well? I'm trying to find out opinions on up and coming areas, where the house prices may not have drastically increased yet, but is still relatively safe for a family with small children. Something with a direct bus route to Dal...
  6. Frugality in a military town/city?

    This may seem obsessive to some but I'll ask anyway. My husband is in the Canadian Military and we are currently posted to Winnipeg. We have little say in where we move to next, but we can strategize and narrow our chances down enough to increase our chances of landing in a place we prefer...
  7. The best way to save.

    I would like anybody's input on which is the best way to save money? Is it high interest saving account, dividend paying stocks, bonds, tax free savings account....ect
  8. What are the best deals for phone, cable and internet?

    Inspired by a new thread kissing goodbye to Bell, I thought I'd expand the topic a bit to include all 3 essential services. What are the best deals out there for home phone, internet, and TV? My story: 1. Home Phone: basic line from Bell, $24.26/month after tax. Long distance through YAK...