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  1. Getting out of student loan debt. All options on the table

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am sick and tired of paying for my college loans. At the current pace I will never be debt free. I work but wanted to find ways to earn a little extra money. All options are on the table. What do you recommend for me to earn a little extra? Here is what I've tried so far: - Signed up as...
  2. Ntrust - from $10~$20 rewards

    Deals and Freebies
    Hello guys, is a Canadian Paypal wannabe. What is interesting about them is their reward program, which is basically $10 for the refereed user. It is quite low (they are a startup), but you can get some more. When you sign up, use the following premium account referral code to get...
  3. Free eBook – Top 100 Websites for Saving Money in Canada

    Deals and Freebies
    I wanted to share a new free eBook I wrote that shares 100 Websites for Saving Money in Canada. I included websites that give advice on investing, mortgage rates, insurance quotes, coupons, mobile deal websites, financial gurus, frugal living, retirement pros, consumer news, financial media...
  4. Advanced tracking of investments in Excel - free

    Hi, Some time ago I posted here that I am working on Excel workbook for Investment tracking in Excel. As I worked on this workbook, I realized that more people might be interested, so I decided to publish everything I did. I have to point out that this type of tracking is more suited for...
  5. How many years to be mortgage free?

    Real Estate
    I've recently read a story about a couple who paid off their principal mortgage in 3 years. "How we paid off our house in three years" I know this story is rather extreme, but what is your...