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  1. Forgotten foreign exchange gain / loss over last few years

    Newcomer to the community looking for some guidance. Just realized that over last few years I have not been counting my foreign exchange gains / losses. I was previously unaware that >$200 gain/loss has to be reported to CRA. Have submitted all tax returns without ever mentioning this. Would...
  2. How Chinese Economy Impacts Canada?

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Canada and the U.S. may share the world’s longest border, but Canada’s economy relies more heavily on China than the U.S. A strong Chinese economy and rising imports and exports translates into higher investment in Canada and increased demand for goods and services. This also means increased...
  3. Five Reasons Why Oil Prices Will Fall in the Near Term

    General Personal Finance Talk
    1. There are growing worries that Britain will vote to leave the European Union. There is uncertainty about the vote, which takes place on June 23, with the “Leave” camp slightly ahead in most polls. 2. Economic data coming out of the U.S., the world’s biggest economy, China, the second biggest...
  4. TD Waterhouse RSP Auto Wash Trade Expectations

    I've been procrastinating setting up auto-wash trades in my TD Waterhouse RSP account mostly because I don't actually do a lot of trades and my understanding was that dividends couldn't be auto-washed. So I didn't have a lot of motivation to make the phone call to set up auto-wash trades. With...
  5. Best way to change $US to $CDN?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I'm a US citizen living in Canada, and I'm not great with $ management. I have a CDN$ chequing acct w/CIBC and I have a US Etrade investment account, which also has a US$ checking component. I'm looking to sell some stock from my Etrade account and make a pre-payment on my INGDirect Mortgage...
  6. I'm Paid in USD - What's the best way to exchange?

    I'm on an IT contract in the US (living at home in Ontario) and am paid monthly about 7,500 USD. (This might increase too as I may be bringing in a subcontractor) The best exchange rate I can get is through my TDCT or TDW account which charges 1.5% premium over the FOREX rate. So I'll waste...
  7. Trading Currency Futures are more profitable than Eminis?

    Many new traders begin their trading experience on the mini Indices, with a primary focus on the mini S&P 500, as either a scalping trader or an intra-day trader. Their daily profit target is normally between three to five points (at $50 per point). For an experience scalping trader, this could...