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  1. Foreign Exchange Tax Implications

    I am wondering how to account for foreign exchange fluctuations when converting USD to CAD. I have money in a USD from when I worked in the US several years ago. At the time, the USD was not as strong and I paid Canadian and US income taxes on the income. Since then, the money has sat in a...
  2. International Money Transfers for Property Abroad

    Real Estate
    Relocating abroad? Buying a house in a foreign country for the sake of diversification? Inherited property overseas? Paying your mortgage in another country? If any of the above applies to you, you should carefully consider the costs of transferring money abroad through your bank. Unwarranted...
  3. Cheap Foreign Exchange

    Hey, I travel to the US from time to time and I find that the banks charge really high fees when exchanging my Canadian dollars to US. It's just absolutely ridiculous. What am I paying for????:upset::hopelessness:
  4. Where to store foreign currencies (HKD, GBP, EUR)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I've been doing more and more traveling, so I have been purchasing HKD, EUR and GBP when the dollar is strong against those currencies. So far, the only bank I've found that can hold them is HSBC. Does anyone know of any other FIs that offer foreign currencies? This is pretty much a savings...