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  1. creating a food category, can it be done?

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Mods: Although this is really a money forum I must confess to enjoying all the delicious food threads we have seen lately. There are several of these threads in the "Other Discussions" section. Would there by any possibility of creating a new FOOD category, placed in the Other Discussions...
  2. Daily Coupons!

    Found some great discounts from a site called deal of the day on food, entertainment, shopping, and even spas. I've been receiving the coupons/vouchers every day, which is awesome. The sign up is here.
  3. Grocery Shopping

    Hi All I was reviewing our budget the other day after making some little changes. I first created in 3 years ago when we bought our appartment and at that time we were spending about $400/month on groceries for two adults. Fast forward to this year and add a six month old baby and I found we've...