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  1. Values ...the key to financial security for all ages

    General Personal Finance Talk
    This community shares everything about money, yet an oft-missed theme is our personal VALUES that lie beneath it all. I believe personal values shape our experience of money, fears, worries, and the success we gain (or not) through working, retirement, and senior years. Each generation has...
  2. Thrown into the deep end and trying to figure a way out

    Hi Everyone, I recently lost my father and am now trying to deal with my parents finances and plan going forward for my mother. Neither my mother or I have very much investing knowledge and have left a lot of it up to the financial advisor my father used but am now wary of his ability to put...
  3. Energy Income Fund, TSE:ENI.UN

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    I've been watching this income fund (ENI.UN) and I'm wondering if anybody knows the reason for the price drop over the last 5 months: from 5.14 in January to 3.92 today. What are the risks associated with this fund and how does the fund charge the MRE (does it take away units every month?)...