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  1. General Personal Finance Talk
    With the size portfolio this retiree had, he should have spent some time and money on investment books. Even reading Moneysense would have led him away from bank advisors and towards couch potato. He says he paid 30K over the last 6 years but I think with 1 million invested at 2.5% or so MER, it...
  2. Investing
    I am looking into opening a discount broker account, I have been doing some research on investing but am fairy new and uneducated in this. I currently have my RRSP and TFSA in mutual fund portfolio through a broker where I am suppose to be getting a "deal" of - 1% on fees through my union, I...
  3. General Personal Finance Talk
    Mutual funds in Canada are the most expensive in the developed world. In fact, high mutual fund fees are forcing many Canadians to retire many years later than they would like. At ModernAdvisor, we combine smart technology with expertise from investment professionals to build and manage...
  4. Taxation
    Hello, So I was filing my Tax returns for this year and noticed something weird - After filing my T4s, my Tax Refund looked good in 3 digits. But, after filing my Tuition fees (year 2014, Full Time, 4 months) for $6,000 my tax refund dropped by $300! How? Thanks in advance! :)
  5. Investing
    With fee disclosure letters going out, many advisors will be concerned about clients transferring out to the competition. Some will be able to use fee disclosure and fee base to actually add value to their business...but advisors must know how to solicit objective feedback from their clients to...
  6. General Personal Finance Talk
    What are your "creative solutions?" (no "perfect" all-in-one banking option) Howdy all. I also abhor fees but I don't see any perfect all-in-one banking solution in Canada. I have some creative solutions for fee avoidance and maximizing returns. My portfolio is small and I subscribe to the...
1-6 of 6 Results