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  1. Taxation
    Hello, My wife and I plan on moving into my son's house once he purchases a new one. I suspect we are not the only ones going down this route as we get older and a bit more fragile. Thanks to the relatively "inexpensive" house prices in my son's locale and us merging our financial resources, it...
  2. Real Estate
    Hello, Is a property owned by a corporation allowed to transfer a property title to a shareholder of that corporation. My family and I are all shareholders within the corporation (25% each). There is a property which we would like to move out of the corporation and we were wondering if we...
  3. Real Estate
    My sister and fiancée are not as well off as I have been fortunate to be financially. They have spent the last 3 years renting a home that was sub-par and finally got the motivation to move. Unfortunately they were not sound enough financially to be owning a home (and made the smart decision...
1-3 of 3 Results