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  1. Self Employed GST (expense reimbursement)

    Hi, I'm self employed. My client needed me to go to USA to do some work. They paid for my flight and hotel directly. I paid for my meals while there, and the client reimbursed me. And of course they paid me my daily rate for the work I did. When I invoiced the client, I charged GST for the...
  2. Can I deduct my rent as a work expense (work out of province)?

    Hi: I don't know if anyone can answer this for me (or if I am in the correct forum to ask), but I live in Ontario (working from my home each Monday and Friday), but work in Quebec (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of each week). Can I claim my rent in Montreal as a business expense? Thank You Ben
  3. Low income, two businesses - must I declare all business expenses?

    I am self-employed and have two businesses: one made a small profit last year, the other (a new one) made a loss. Elsewhere I read that it is not necessary to declare business expenses, although it is normally an advantage to do so. So, here's my question: Am I required to declare all business...
  4. Possible to expense rent?

    Hi, I'm a contract engineer being hired on a 9 month job through my incorporated company. I'll have to find a place near the job where I'm to spend the weeknights, but I'll be home for the weekends. Can I expense the rent on this place? Utilities, internet, etc.? The stuff I've read online...