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  1. General Personal Finance Talk
    Ok, so I work here in Canada and I've got a $21,000 USD student loan in the states with 4% annual interest rate that accrues daily. The exchange rate with the USD and the CAD is KILLING ME. Do I: A) Accept a 12 month forebearance, hoping that the CAD will get stronger relative to the USD...
  2. Investing
    Very simply, is there some way to profit off the U.S. currency right now? For example, if you're in Canada, isn't it wise to maybe sell things on eBay right now for U.S. dollars and get paid in U.S. currency in order to take advantage of the exchange. Or perhaps If someone had a property in the...
  3. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi guys! Can anybody help me? I'm, looking for currency exchanges in Toronto, so maybe somebody can help me to find something good!:):):)
  4. Investing
    I'm on an IT contract in the US (living at home in Ontario) and am paid monthly about 7,500 USD. (This might increase too as I may be bringing in a subcontractor) The best exchange rate I can get is through my TDCT or TDW account which charges 1.5% premium over the FOREX rate. So I'll waste...
  5. General Personal Finance Talk
    I live in Canada but earn USD that gets deposited into a US bank. Every month, I use XE to convert the funds to CAD and plop them into my Canadian account; this takes about 5 business days. The exchange rate at XE isn't spectacular, so I am investigating using Norbert's Gambit to cut costs...
1-5 of 6 Results