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  1. How are your ETFs doing?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Got family visiting and they were complaining about how their investments have gone sideways for the past 2 years. This is something I noticed as well, I sold a long term bond and put it into a balance portfolio (40 safe stuff 60 growth stuff) that your only growth is capital gains and with...
  2. Help w/ my Portfolio please -- I started in 2009 and am looking to streamline now

    Hi there, So I started investing in ETFs in 2009 right after I graduated university at 25. Since then, I've been able to max out my TFSA and RRSPs. I've attempted to learn through reading blogs, forum posts and books but I feel there's more I need to learn so I'm looking for some advice. I've...
  3. ETF trading question

    From my understanding of ETF's they are designed to trade within a certain range and certain 'market makers' are supposed to buy and sell the stock when it goes outside of that range to keep it constant. If this is true, then shouldn't the stock price always stay within the specified range (may...
  4. Vanguard ETFs performance?

    Through reading CC and various other blogs, i have become a big believer of asset allocation and ETFs based investment strategy. Looking at some the vanguard ETFs that are recommended by the bloggers and other investors, below are the performances (avg annual returns) i see from the venguard web...
  5. Portfolio Optimization with Indexes

    Hi All. Has anyone found a website that will allow Canadians to optimize their portfolio of Canadian stocks? I have been playing with the Portfolio Monkey website a bit, but it doesn't appear to have data for TSX market companies. To elaborate: I want to understand whether I can ‘model’ my...
  6. ETF Portfolio Optimization - Adding Commodities

    On many of the financial blog sites, folks have actively discussed allocation percentages across Canadian, US, EMEA, BRIC and bond/income markets. I have not seen anyone propose adding commodities as a way of further diversification in that these types of investments generally act...