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  1. Investing
    Time to start my first TFSA. I want to pick one or more ETFs with somewhat risky portfolios. As I know little about tracking them, I think a passive management strategy would be best. It seems that WealthSimple and Questrade are the recommended investment firms, for reasons of cost and number of...
  2. Investing
    I know ETFs are funds of stocks. I know some ETFs are "listed" by the investment firm and are traded at no cost, but can an ETF be custom built with stocks I select?
  3. Investing
    "Yet a third option is to bet against the market, and there are ETFs that can help you do that. The most popular ones are the*Horizons Betapro S&P 500 Inverse ETF*(TSX: HIU) and the*Horizons Betapro S&P/TSX 60 Inverse ETF*(TSX: HIX), which allow you to bet against U.S. and Canadian stocks...
  4. Investing
    I’m a big fan of couch potato investing; I especially favour this model portfolio from CCP: Canadian equity 20% Vanguard FTSE Canadian All Cap (VCN) US equity 15% Vanguard Total Stock Market (VTI) International equity 15% Vanguard Total International Stock (VXUS) Real estate investment...
  5. Investing
    Newbie investor, 57, mortgage paid, 250K equity in investment real estate, 300K RRSP, 15K in a GIC TFSA and 60K in cash. I am creating a new portfolio and would appreciate any help you could provide in the way of comments, ideas and suggestions on the following 300K ETF RRSP I created based on...
1-5 of 5 Results