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  1. Investing
    My retirement accounts are all indexed using a "couch potato" strategy - allocated among Canadian and US equities and a Canadian bond index fund. At what point does it make sense to move to ETFs? If I compare the MER, the index funds cost 66 basis points per year, and I could assemble a...
  2. Investing
    How do the fee's work with non-dividend paying ETF's? How do they take their 0.5% or whatever fee? With a divided my understanding is that they just take a small cut of that.
  3. Investing
    I this article it suggests that you should check the iNav price which is updated every 15seconds like you can just look at some website and bam there it is. Where would I find such a iNav price for an etf like Claymore's CDZ...
  4. Investing
    Are dividends from ETFs that hold only Canadian companies eligible for the Canadian dividend tax credit? The ETF in question is XIC (ISHARES CD SP/TSX CAP ETF).
  5. Investing
    In the process of building a new portfolio of reasonable size. Have been reading multiple forums. Targeting 10-12 years to retirement. Thought about my risk tolerence etc. Have been largely on sidelines with cash. Cdn Equity 23% (XIC + XIU + XCS + select stocks) US Equity 22% (VTI + VB...
  6. Investing
    Hi all, First off, I want to thank everyone for doing a great job on this forum. As a younger investor, I find this very informative and helpful. I've been looking around for the answer to my question but can't find it. When I had smaller distributions, I didn't worry about this. But as my...
  7. Investing
    I think ETFs are basically just glorified mutual funds. They are so similar. 1) own a pool of stocks (same as a mutual fund that tries to match the market) 2) they charge a MER (but slightly less than most funds since there are less trades) This is likley to cause a bubble with eveyone...
41-47 of 47 Results