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  1. Investing
    Are there any ETFs that receive Canadian eligible dividends? I'm looking to add an investment to my unregistered account. Thanks!
  2. Investing
    I am completely green to this. Never have bought stocks (although been lucky with an IPO). Don't know what stocks to buy, but the Vanguard VGRO ETF contents may be some guidance. Some dividend, fixed income sources sound good. A cash account to hold some when needed. (Don't think Questrade has...
  3. Investing
    Hi everyone, I am moving soon from Europe to Canada and had a question concerning the tax treatment of my ETF portfolio. I am currently holding several ETFs (all based in Luxemburg/Ireland) and my broker is based in Germany. When in Canada, I will pay all my taxes there. As far as I have...
  4. Investing
    Hello everyone, I am new here and relatively new to the world of ETFs. There is a lot I don't understand and I am hoping some of you can help me out. I opened a Wealth Simple account and have decided to invest in their Clean Renewable Sector ETF bundle. This bundle holds the following...
  5. Investing
    I've been looking at the new Vanguard Portfolio ETFs (VEQT, VGRO, VBAL, VCNS, VCIP). Why are they cheaper than their underlying parts? For example, as of today (March 22, 2020), here's the allocation and price breakdown of VEQT: Ticker Name Allocation Price VUN Vanguard US Total...
  6. Investing
    I know there's a Canadian equivalent of QLD (Nasdaq-100 2X Bull): HQU But is there one for TQQQ as well or any that are very similar?
  7. Investing
    Out of QQQ, FDN, PNQI and VTG which of these is the best ETF to hold for the next 10-20+ years and why?
  8. Investing
    Anyone know why QQQ (Nasdaq-100 US ETF) outperforms its Canadian equivalents ZQQ and XQQ? - In the last 5 years QQQ has increased by 94.92% while ZQQ and XQQ both increased by only 87.36% Whatever the reasons, is it a better deal to invest in QQQ and pay the currency conversion fee every time...
  9. Investing
    I'm trying to advise a young person on long term investing. I'm very much a drip investor. I like how when the market is sinking you don't need to panic because you'll get your dividends reinvested at a lower price and maybe pick up even more shares. So for me, it helps to protect myself from...
  10. General Personal Finance Talk
    If you were investing $500 every month, what would you buy? If I go with AW.UN or some stock, I'll be paying $9.99 commission each time. Maybe an etf? But which?
  11. Investing
    Hi, I am new to ETF investing. Does anyone know of any Canadian Domiciled ETF's that track US and World stocks and that automatically re-invest dividends. I don't want to pay tax on distributed dividends every year. Also Thanks
  12. Investing
    Hi, I'll want to extend my Canadian equity allocation in my TFSA. I am 35 years old and am preparing my account for deduction in retirement. I'm considering to buy 255 shares of ZWB to get a monthly DRIP. I've been considering buying shares in the 5 banks directly, ZEB and ZWB and think that...
  13. Investing
    Hi everyone, First time posting here in the forum. I am new to investing and just have my money sitting in a TFSA within Meridian Credit Union. I am wondering how I go about investing within my TFSA? Do I need to sign up with a brokerage such as Questrade online? Or can I pick ETF's, etc...
  14. Investing
    Great forum - I've been watching from the sidelines but this is my first actual post :) I think this has been discussed is some form or other in the last few years but I still don't have a clear answer: About me - I'm a professional with: A CCPC: currently about 70k in it - growing at about...
  15. Investing
    Good day, I am sick and tired of my portfolio being depleted by fees from my fund management company. I have decided to look into a self directed RRSP, TFSA, and RESP. I have a couple questions that I apologize if they are answered a million times over in the forum, my brief look didn't uncover...
  16. Investing
    Hi everyone: I own some XSH in a registered TD account. The dates I've received payments have been anywhere between the last day of the month, and the 7th or 8th of the next month. How long should it take for those distribs to show up if the payments are cash? What if the payments involve a...
  17. Investing
    HI, Hi building my ETF portfolio (like Coach potato) but I'm not sure about with US and International ETF pick. Any sugestion for US in CAN-Hedged ? Any suggestion for International (exclude Canada and US) ? Thanks ! Marc
  18. Investing
    Hello! I’m hoping to have some of the good folks here give me some feedback on my portfolio and what I’m thinking of doing with it. My current RRSP portfolio is in high fee mutual funds ($100k value). I’m in the process of moving to low fee DYI using broad market ETFs, and have opened a...
1-18 of 48 Results