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  1. Taxation
    Hello, I'm helping my father with his estate planning. He has a primary residence with (200K mortgage remaining) and a cottage property (free and clear). He's only 68 years old. Plenty of years left. But he's quite adamant to structure this now. He wants to transfer the property to our names...
  2. Real Estate
    I'm trying to come up with some plays to short Toronto real estate. Home Capital is already on its death bed. Any other ideas? Shorting Street Capital sounds tempting... The big 5 will probably come out of this surviving...
  3. Taxation
    We have inherited shares of oil & gas royalties. For the calendar year 2016, these royalties (in form of monthly cheques) have been withheld until the estate was cleared. Now the estate has been cleared and royalties have been transferred in our name (apparently), however the royalty cheques...
  4. Taxation
    My google chi is failing me tonight. Maybe someone out there can help me on this one. I'm trying to determine the book value for shares distributed out of an estate to a beneficiary. When a person dies, any shares held in a cash account, are considered sold as of the date of death (deemed...
  5. Investing
    Hi Everyone, I recently lost my father and am now trying to deal with my parents finances and plan going forward for my mother. Neither my mother or I have very much investing knowledge and have left a lot of it up to the financial advisor my father used but am now wary of his ability to put...
  6. General Personal Finance Talk
    Writing your own will is probably not on your mind every day but it saves the people you leave behind a lot of trouble. I found this link about writing your own will that could be helpful.
1-6 of 6 Results