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  1. How to "best" manage equity

    Real Estate
    I bought a starter home 6 years ago. Own over 30% (based on the purchase price-- not factoring in what it's currently worth) But recent (comparable) sales have me thinking of either: A) Selling & up-sizing--- OR B) Renting my existing property & using some of that equity (just less than...
  2. New Business Incorporation inquiry

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi All, I have recently done a federal incorporation for a company that i am considering starting that i plan on making a wealth management firm way later down the road. I am currently working towards my CFP and CIM designations and definitely have the entrepreneurial drive so I am seeking...
  3. Saving to buy Mawer Balanced MAW104 in RRSP

    Hi all, I've been browsing the forum for a few days now with great interest. I'm new to the forum and though I would get some of your opinions on how best to realize one of my goals for my RRSP. I'm a young 30s professional and have been investing since 2007. I used the Home buyer's plan to...
  4. Maya Gold and Silver inc. (MYA.V)

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Stumbled upon this microcap, an operating stage silver and gold mining junior from Blainville, QC. Their balance sheet seemed awful at first, but they're just out of their exploration phase and entered exploitation last year, began pouring and selling nice quantities of silver. They should start...