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  1. Any one interested investing VR&AR Eduation? Immersive English Learning? Victoria BC

    Any one interested investing VR&AR Eduation? Immersive English Learning? Victoria BC Infusion Edutainment VR & AR Research and Developing Company. We are located in Victoria BC, Canada. We have been in operating since November 2016. Currently we are in operation as a successful Virtual Reality...
  2. Inheriting $600,000 with no financial education

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi All, First time posting but I've been browsing the forum for quite a while. In a nutshell... My father recently passed away and he had a life insurance policy for myself and my two siblings in the amount of $850,000. This policy will be split unequally among the three of us, my brother will...
  3. Life Insurance/ Income Protection

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Working in the financial services industry I have learned that 90% of people do not understand how their insurance policies work. Why do you think this is? If anyone is looking to find out how their insurance policy works I would be happy to inform them. Most people are spending way to much...
  4. 25-year-old saver looking for life direction

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello Everyone, I've been browsing these forums for a while but have never posted. I find a lot of good advice and opinions on here - though sometimes contradictory, it is always nice to see both sides to every coin. I think I may be a unique case in terms of how frugal I have managed to be...
  5. How much are you saving for your childs education?

    Money Diaries
    Our daughter has just turned three. We have ~6K in her RESP account. We put $100/month into it. We have equities at the moment, mainly dividend paying. I'm not sure what the return rate will be/is, but just out of curiousity I calculated how much she would have in 15 years if we kept the...
  6. Investing in Education

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I recently saw an advertisement for the Queens University accelerated MBA program (for students that studied business in undergrad). There is part of me that is interested in such a program, so a read some of the marketing materials and found that the cost of the program is $64,000. This is...