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  1. How and why does a book value on a TD e-Series index fund change?

    Hello, I have a TFSA with TD on which I invested $2500 in each of the 4 classic e-series index funds following the couch-potato strategy. To this day, the book values on 3 of the funds remained as $2500 each except for that of the Canadian Bond Index fund. It changed to $2505 for some reason...
  2. Why am I losing money on couchpotato?

    Hi, I am a new investor. I opened a TFSA account with TD and invested in their e-series index funds by following the couchpotato strategy. I evenly distributed $10000 across all 4 usual index funds. So, each had a book value of $2500. Within a week, I see the total market value dropped down to...
  3. Second account needed to register on TD EasyWeb to operate on e-Series TFSA?

    Hi All, I have a TD mutual fund, which is going through the process of being converted into an e-Series TFSA, but I cannot access it via EasyWeb and invest in their e-series index funds. Why? Because they won't allow (!) me to register on EasyWeb with an access card unless I open a second...
  4. TD - is my account set up for E-Series

    I had a small RRSP account in TD for years that I just kept renewing GICs in. When the current GIC matured, I finally decided to convert that to E-Series mutual funds. I did this at a TD branch, opened a mutual fund account. For some reason I couldn't buy the e-series directly but the rep...
  5. RRSP or Investing Via TD E- Series + RRSP Contribution Limit Question HELP

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello Everyone.. I apologize if this has been covered here before, but I have two semi-related questions that i'm hoping you can help with: RRSP's : To date, i've contributed virtually nothing to RRSP's (Currently 30 now, shame on me). The way I read the CRA's website is essentially if I...
  6. RESP TD Canada e-series mutual funds.

    Hi Forum, I opened the RESP TD Canada mutual fund account for my son a month ago and at the same time I had given them the forms for converting it to e-series. I received the confirmation email regarding that. I had purchased two e-series funds 100 CAD each in the feb 2013. On March 1 the...
  7. TD Canada Trust e-Series TFSA vs TD Waterhouse e-Series TFSA

    Hi All, Given that you can get the maintenance fee waived and you can purchase TD e-Series mutual funds transaction-fee free in a TD Waterhouse TSFA account, is there there any difference between that and a TD Canada Trust Mutual Fund TFSA that uses the same e-Series funds? Thanks!