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  1. Drip stock investing or etf

    I'm trying to advise a young person on long term investing. I'm very much a drip investor. I like how when the market is sinking you don't need to panic because you'll get your dividends reinvested at a lower price and maybe pick up even more shares. So for me, it helps to protect myself from...
  2. Selling All Shares on Ex-Dividend Date

    Hello, I sold all shares of my VCN ETF today. It also happens to be the ex-dividend date for that ETF. This particular ETF was set to drip in my account. My question is - when the dividend comes in, will it come as all cash or will I get stuck with an extra share+cash? I'm with TD if that...
  3. Your opinion on my dividend portfolio, please?

    I'm investing for a long stretch; at least 10-20 years. My stock picks are all dripped and many are solid blue chip (all Canadian). I've got stocks like Royal Bank, TD and Enbridge. However, included are those that give low yields like Stella Jones (0.61%) and CCL (0.67%). When I retire and...
  4. Tim Hortons DRIP and Stock Merger

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    I bought all my nieces and nephews shares of Tim Hortons direct debit now with the merger of Burger King they need to opt in to the new shares but it seems to be problematic. The letter that was sent says that you can send a form in and pay a small fee or contact Computershare. I called and...
  5. Wow, that was easy - just called TDW and converted all my eligible divy's to DRIPs!

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Was reading a few threads about DRIP's and I thought the whole process was a bit of a PITA having to secure one share... yada, yada, I called TDW to check on it and the rep checked my accounts and converted all the stocks that were eligible to DRIP's. Half were treasury DRIP's so I...
  6. 23 years old, and trying to make the best of a 6 figure income!

    Money Diaries
    Hey everyone, In December 2012 I was given an opportunity to get a career in the health care field that is very lucrative. I didn't know what to expect when i took the offer, but after a year of working, i grossed 130k. This year I got a dollar raise so I'm sure reaching 130k again will be...
  7. Calculating Returns — which way is correct?

    Hey everyone! I'm having difficulty figuring what is the best/most accurate way of calculating returns on an investment that features a drip. That this series of payments as an example (assuming the stock is $10 and the price magically never changes): Jan 1 - Buy 1000 shares for $10,000...
  8. DRIP - TFSA help needed

    Just opened a TFSA account with Questrade, and would like to DRIP canadian stocks such as RBC, Manulife, and BCE. I read the canadian premier on DRIPs & TFSA: Still could not wrap my head around the instructions. Why not buy the stocks through my Questrade...