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  1. Question about withdrawing from an RRSP or doing a transfer in kind

    Hi all, I've got a RRSP question that I'm not sure how it works. So here is an example... I have a few dividend stocks in an RRSP account. Let's say I turn 65 and need to withdraw these. I don't want to sell them. Can I do a transfer in kind to a non-registered account and pay the government out...
  2. High Income Canadian stocks EIT and FFN.. thoughts?

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Hi everyone, I just want to know what everyone's thoughts are in these high income dividend stocks: EIT (CanoeEIT Income Fund) that's currently at a 10.73% yield, and FFN (North American Financial 15Split) that's currently at a whopping 17.39% yield. With the recent downturn of the TSX, it has...
  3. RRSP vs. Non-registered account for frugal people

    I want to know, out of curiosity, is it true that, unless one plans to retire less than 20 years after entering the job market, it is always a bad idea to have an RRSP for tax purposes if you save the vast majority of after tax income? That is, it is bad even if your income is > $220, 000? Let...
  4. Canadian Domiciled ETF's - That Reinvest Dividends

    Hi, I am new to ETF investing. Does anyone know of any Canadian Domiciled ETF's that track US and World stocks and that automatically re-invest dividends. I don't want to pay tax on distributed dividends every year. Also Thanks
  5. US/German citizen working in France. Divdends and wages taxation Country.

    Hi, I am a German citizen, living in US since 2013 (considered as US tax resident). I am working in France for a 12 months period. I read that my dividends coming from US and wages coming from US could risk to be doubled taxed in US and France. Do you have some information about the taxation of...
  6. How can a private company issue eligible dividends?

    According to TheTaxIssue website: It also states that: It seems the answer to my question depends on the value of the GRIP. Yet it is important to note that I haven't managed to wrap my head around the GRIP calculation yet! For instance, how do you calculate the company’s after-tax business...
  7. How do dividends and salary impact taxes?

    For my small consultancy an accountant has advised me to take $15K for salary and leave the rest aside for dividends. According to him the $15K number is the threshold before I have to start paying taxes. In other words this way I would only need to pay taxes on the dividends. However, as I...

    Money Diaries
    Basic Info Age: 37 Net Income (after taxes): $118,000 (Single income family of 5) Status: Married Assets House $700,000.00 TFSA $63,163.89 RRSP $74,402.00 Savings $26,950.89 Pension $165,205.00 Vehicles $30,000.00 Silver and Cash...
  9. Optimal Portfolio Mix

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi Folks, I am in my early 20's and have established a decent portfolio that is 100% in equities. My current mix is ~70% Canadian, and 30% US. Within the mix, my Canadian exposure is 40% Energy, 10% Telecom, 25% Financial, and 25% in the rest of the Cdn. economy lol. My US exposure consists...
  10. Help w/ my Portfolio please -- I started in 2009 and am looking to streamline now

    Hi there, So I started investing in ETFs in 2009 right after I graduated university at 25. Since then, I've been able to max out my TFSA and RRSPs. I've attempted to learn through reading blogs, forum posts and books but I feel there's more I need to learn so I'm looking for some advice. I've...
  11. How to Succeed in a Sideways Market

    After having doubts that now may not be a good time to start the Couch Potato portfolio, I found this article very informative: How to Succeed in a Sideways Market. I have even more questions now, but will do some googling first. In the meantime, would love to hear the success stories from the...
  12. Wow, that was easy - just called TDW and converted all my eligible divy's to DRIPs!

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Was reading a few threads about DRIP's and I thought the whole process was a bit of a PITA having to secure one share... yada, yada, I called TDW to check on it and the rep checked my accounts and converted all the stocks that were eligible to DRIP's. Half were treasury DRIP's so I...
  13. Could ZCN be the best dividend ETF?

    The yield on the broad TSX Composite (and TSX 60) is getting pretty high. ZCN (BMO's TSX Composite ETF) portfolio yield on April 12 was 3.22%. After fees this becomes 3.22 - 0.18 = 3.04% yield after MER And the market is even lower today which means the yield is higher than 3.04%. That seems...
  14. TFSA Dividends Withholding TAX USD

    Hello all, I was hoping to get some feedback. Here is my situation: I have $15,000 room in my TFSA and I have $15,000 USD cash lying around not doing me any good. Since the USD is nearly at par with the CAD, I don't want to exchange the USD to CAD to invest it. I would like to buy some...
  15. Unlisted Private Investments

    After mulling the idea of starting this thread for awhile, I've come to the realisation that there is no perfect time to begin. When markets are near their highs people could say, “why should I consider moving out of the market when I'm making so much money?”. On the other hand, I'd hate to see...
  16. Registering yourself as an business for investment purposes.

    Hello all. I've been doing some searching, but haven't been able to find much. I've read some articles (of course, I can't find them now - Globe & Mail and Toronto Star didn't give me anything specific) and heard anecdotal evidence where people do the following: Register themselves as a...