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dividend stocks

  1. What's your favourite Dividend Stock, and why?

    Hello all, I'm in the process of planning out a long-term dividend portfolio and was hoping to gain some insight from your combined experiences in this realm. The intention of this post isn't to garner specific stock picks which I can copy, I very much plan to do my own research, but I am more...
  2. EX-Dividend date with respect to quarterly dividends?

    I understand the concept of ex-dividend dates and distribution of yearly dividends. I do not understand when a dividend is distributed quarterly, what is the procedure on distributing the dividend. i.e. I have a stock for 11 months, but I don't happen to own it on the yearly ex-dividend...
  3. Moving from Funds to Stocks

    Hi there, this is my first post in the community but I've been reading many threads for a while. A little about me, I'm 29, professional career, only debt is mortgage. I'm looking for advise on making the move from my all-mutual fund portfolio at a large bank to opening a discount broker account...
  4. Diversified Royalty Corp. (DIV.TO)

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Hey I just wanted to look on the forums for some second opinions on this stock and didn't see any other threads for it. At the last closing price the yield is 6.78% and the payout ratio has moved under 100% after their second royalty acquisition. Annual royalties received with the two current...
  5. US dividend stocks in TFSA

    I read that TFSA should be last place where you buy US dividend paying stocks and I agree with the reasons. But few questions - Is there withholding tax for US stock based ETFs that pay dividends (e.g Vanguard ETFs)? I have an account with Questrade. I read that I need to sign W8-BEN form to...
  6. List of Dividend Stocks from Connolly Report?

    Does anybody subscribe to Connolly Report? I'm trying to find out the list of the 23 dividend stocks for which the author calculates the dollar cost of 1 dividend dollar. I've calculated the figure for the eight Canadian banks below and the cost of one dividend dollar for banks is $24.21. Royal...
  7. Stock Screening

    Good morning all, I have been viewing this forum and MillionDollarJourney over the last few months while I have been educating myself in the world of stock investing. Although I am fairly financially savvy but I haven't focused on investing up until now. I am primarily looking at beginning to...
  8. TFSA vs. Mortgage prepayment

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am at the point where I could prepay our mortgage to an amount that would make us mortgage free within 2 years (conservatively). I am looking at our current interest rate (variable @ 2.3%). Wouldn't it be a better idea to invest in a TFSA with some dividend paying stocks and take the...