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dividend investment

  1. What's your favourite Dividend Stock, and why?

    Hello all, I'm in the process of planning out a long-term dividend portfolio and was hoping to gain some insight from your combined experiences in this realm. The intention of this post isn't to garner specific stock picks which I can copy, I very much plan to do my own research, but I am more...
  2. How to adjust for cash dividend

    I am learning to do my own ABC! Here are my two questions: 1) I have 200 shares of XYZ and an ACB of $12. Total investment is $2000. If XYZ gives me $300 cash dividend and I put this into my personal savings account (in other words, it will not be re-invested), do I show this on my ABC...
  3. Dividend paying stock

    I'm a new stock investor, just opened my trading account at the beginning of 2009. I have riocan , brookfield properties and algonquin power & utilities in my porfolio which i am happy with and will keep for a long term investement but i'm looking to diversifie my porfolio a little more, i'm...