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  1. Are you new to passive investing? Here's a primer on it!

    All the best for 2018! If any of you are newcomers to the community and would like to learn more about passive investing, I'd like to invite you to check out our primer on it. The link below will take you to our section on the CMF...
  2. Optimal Portfolio Mix

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi Folks, I am in my early 20's and have established a decent portfolio that is 100% in equities. My current mix is ~70% Canadian, and 30% US. Within the mix, my Canadian exposure is 40% Energy, 10% Telecom, 25% Financial, and 25% in the rest of the Cdn. economy lol. My US exposure consists...
  3. ETFs portfolio

    Hi guys, I’m a Quebec student in civil engineering. I have 5 traineeships during my degree and now I have a ****load of cash that I don’t need. I was investing in a NBC fund with a MER of 2.5% (yeah) and now I decided to open a brokerage account. I’m now setting my portfolio and investing...
  4. Is there risk in not diversifying my diversification? (All eggs in one ETF basket)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Last month I started this thread and, believe it or not, was introduced to the concept of ETFs for the first time. And I'm comfortable at this point trying out a couch potato-esque strategy utilizing them. My question now: even though ETFs are, by their nature, diversified... is there risk in...
  5. Where's my money at?

    Hello all, first time poster on a mission to get a good picture of my asset allocation. I invest in passive and manged mutual funds and ETF's. Because I'm usually after specific products, with low fees, I've ended up having these funds dispersed across four different FI's. There's 14 different...
  6. Lifecycle Investing

    Thoroughly enjoyed the post on MDJ about Lifecycle Investing as an overall portfolio investment strategy. Link: The theory behind it speaks to the question posed by its creator, Ian...
  7. Eggs in one basket, but it's a great basket

    My parents have the majority of their retirement savings, including the proceeds from the sale of their house, invested in the small retirement complex that they live in. The are also investing money into a TSFA. They are in their mid-70s. My dad is getting the Ontario teachers pension. The...