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  1. Investing
    Hi, I recently sold my USD holdings in my RRSP and now would like to redistribute the (+some additional) cash (about 30%). After cashing out the USD holdings, I have about the following distribution: 30% cash 30% fixed income (mostly short term bonds) 8% Canadian Equitites 20% US Equities 8%...
  2. Investing
    Hi everyone: I own some XSH in a registered TD account. The dates I've received payments have been anywhere between the last day of the month, and the 7th or 8th of the next month. How long should it take for those distribs to show up if the payments are cash? What if the payments involve a...
  3. Investing
    I am planning to sell a High Yield Bond fund that has an annual distribution (about 8% I expect) on Dec 31. Is there any point waiting for this distribution or would the price of the fund drop by a similar amount the day after the distribution?
1-3 of 3 Results