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  1. Investing
    Hello Everyone, Any suggestion for a good broker to invest directly (no etfs) in international (ex. US, mainly Europe and Asia) equities from Canada. I came across Interactive Brokers which are registered under IIROC. Does anyone has other suggestions for registered brokers? Cheers, DD
  2. Investing
    I am looking into opening a discount broker account, I have been doing some research on investing but am fairy new and uneducated in this. I currently have my RRSP and TFSA in mutual fund portfolio through a broker where I am suppose to be getting a "deal" of - 1% on fees through my union, I...
  3. Investing
    I'm interested in reits for my tfsa but Investorline doesn't have many and I can't seem to find them there. Is there a discount broker that would be good for this type of investment? I realize they're listed as stocks but I'm having trouble finding them on BMO Investorline.
  4. Investing
    I am making the transfer (stocks/mutual funds/bonds) from my full financial adviser to do it myself discount broker. What happens to the trailing commissions of the front end mutual funds when I transfer to my discount broker?
  5. Investing
    I recently opened a TFSA at my discount broker and they transfered the $5000 from my trading account in the form of stocks. They informed me that they will be transfering the stock direct at the lowest price of the day which resulted in a loss of approx $1000 to my trading account. Just...
  6. Investing
    The typical method in selecting a discount broker is to simply open an account affiliated with your main banking institution. Before you do that you may want to do some research and find out if a discount broker will really satisfy your needs. Here are some resources to help you: MDJ's...
1-6 of 7 Results