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  1. Smith Menoeuvre - Can I implement in my sutation

    Real Estate
    Hi there, this is my first post but I've been following Canadian money forum from some time and it is very informative. My current situation is I have bought a new house and want to make it my principal residence and turn my old house into rental. I should have positioned myself batter but...
  2. Delay claiming RRSP contribution's tax deduction?

    Q: "Should I make an RRSP contribution today, but delay claiming the tax deduction because I see myself in a higher tax bracket soon?". I just did a web search on the topic. I found 18 articles all promoting the idea that this is a good idea. If they present any argument it boils down to...
  3. Can I write off full HELOC expense even if my business makes money?

    Hi all, Need some tax help.. Here's my scenario.. I'm starting a business using HELOC money (home equity line of credit). I know I can deduct the interest expense. But here's the question - say my business makes $10k profit in its first year. Can I apply this $10k towards my mortgage...