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debt repayment

  1. Chunk of money - should I pay debt or add to first house down payment?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello! My husband and I just got married less than 3 weeks ago. We received several cash gifts from guests at the wedding. We also went on a 2-week long honeymoon (rather expensive to Scotland and Ireland - wanted to get it done and meet family there before having kids!). We are now at the...
  2. Can I pay a lump sum to Osap and then extend my grace period?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I just graduated in April and I am continuing school in a post-graduate certificate program that is not eligible for osap. So I need to pay upfront. That, with new car expenses will be a lot of money. So I want to extend my grace period for osap in October (once my automatic 6 month grace period...
  3. Globe and Mail looking for people to interview

    Money Diaries
    Hi everyone, I'm a journalist with the Globe and Mail. I wanted to reach out on this forum because I'm looking for people who might be open to sharing their experiences for a series of articles we are doing on household debt. I wanted to post this in the Money Diaries forum because reading...
  4. New Grad Advice? Emergency Funds?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I recently graduated from university, I'm 22 years of age, living with my parents with an OK paying job. I've been saving money in an RRSP (minimal). I have roughly 1600 saved in mutual funds. I've been wondering whether or not I should take some of that and put into a savings account for...
  5. Rules effecting Home equity line of credit in effect soon

    Real Estate
    As I had previously posted, the mortgage rules regarding lending practices by the regulated financial institutions will come in effect on October 31st, 2102. These rules essentially limit the availability of funds through your line of credit to 65% of the value of your home rather than the...
  6. How are you preparing for coming inflation?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Are you buying gold as a hedge against monetary inflation? Are you reducing debt at the expense of future investment? Will global stimulus cause global inflation? If every country is experiencing inflation, will we notice? This is an excellent forum to discuss how the average family is...