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  1. Bank of Canada does not list my currrency. How do I report my foreign income?

    Hi all. Situation: Last year I received some income from a foreign country that I was planning on reporting as "Other income" (federal line 130). On CRA's website, they suggest that I convert it into Canadian dollars using the Bank of Canada's annual rate (I'd post the link, but I can't do...
  2. Converting USD->CAD, worth it?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am a US citizen, living in Canada. I've lived here now for 5 years, and am working towards citizenship. However, I don't know if I will be here indefinitely, or if I would retire here. Interestingly, I get paid in USD, which I currently benefit from because the exchange rate is good. I've...
  3. Is there any way to take advantage off the U.S. dollar right now?

    Very simply, is there some way to profit off the U.S. currency right now? For example, if you're in Canada, isn't it wise to maybe sell things on eBay right now for U.S. dollars and get paid in U.S. currency in order to take advantage of the exchange. Or perhaps If someone had a property in the...
  4. money exchange

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi guys! Can anybody help me? I'm, looking for currency exchanges in Toronto, so maybe somebody can help me to find something good!:):):)
  5. Best way to change $US to $CDN?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I'm a US citizen living in Canada, and I'm not great with $ management. I have a CDN$ chequing acct w/CIBC and I have a US Etrade investment account, which also has a US$ checking component. I'm looking to sell some stock from my Etrade account and make a pre-payment on my INGDirect Mortgage...
  6. How to account for currency exchange in capital gains calculations?

    I participate in an employee stock purchase plan, in which a portion of each paycheque goes to purchasing company stocks at a discount. What makes this complicated is that my company is based in the US, and trades on the NYSE. So the paycheque deductions are being converted to US dollars at some...
  7. TD eSeries (Fees on USD Conversion vs Higher MERs on Hedged Funds)

    UPDATE - I searched a bit more in the forums and found more info on the differences between the various TD eSeries funds I'm looking at. Sorry for the duplication. However, if anyone has any further commentary on hedged funds vs non-hedged, I'm all ears. Thanks! ==============================...
  8. Trading Currency Futures are more profitable than Eminis?

    Many new traders begin their trading experience on the mini Indices, with a primary focus on the mini S&P 500, as either a scalping trader or an intra-day trader. Their daily profit target is normally between three to five points (at $50 per point). For an experience scalping trader, this could...
  9. Credit Card or Cash fro travelling in Europe

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am going for my honeymoon in August (Spain, Italy, and France) for 3 weeks and I haven't traveled as an adult to Europe. Should I take my credit card (easier for me), or should I take out traveller cheques or cash? I get miles on the credit card but I don't know the exchange the credit...