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  1. Missed payment from cancelled cell service

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I’m in kind of a weird situation. I had a cell phone with Koodo when I was in university and, upon getting my free credit report, I realized I had owed $30 on the account for the last 5 years or so. I paid the balance as soon as I realized I owed money on the account (it had been inactive for...
  2. Applying for multiple credit in a short time

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi guys, so I know that applying for multiple credit in a short amount of time can signal increased risk to creditors but what if you were pre-approved for a line of credit with one bank and accept it, and then apply for another line of credit right after at a different bank? Will this also...
  3. Which bank/credit union has the easiest requirements for a LoC?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Easiest Line of Credit? Hi guys so I just got a job (at Scotiabank) - do you guys know which banks or credit unions give you a line of credit (LoC) for the least requirements? I'll obviously try it with Scotiabank soon but I called RBC earlier (the bank I've been with for 7+ years) and they...
  4. Chunk of money - should I pay debt or add to first house down payment?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello! My husband and I just got married less than 3 weeks ago. We received several cash gifts from guests at the wedding. We also went on a 2-week long honeymoon (rather expensive to Scotland and Ireland - wanted to get it done and meet family there before having kids!). We are now at the...
  5. Mortgage bad credit

    Real Estate
    I need help with mortgage options. My fiancé has TERRIBLE credit, like the worst it can be from old collections agencies, and he’s never had a credit card. He is the sole money maker as we just had a baby..I have amazing credit (850) but no income. He is getting a large inheritance (50000)...
  6. Switch Cell Phone Provider hurt Credit Score??

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I recently switched cell phone providers (save a few bucks and get a better plan) and got a new credit card (4% cash back on USD) within 4 months. It looks like both of those actions reduced my FICO score from 840 to 807! totally unexpected!! My previous phone plan was my second oldest credit...
  7. Car Loan (Mistake)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi, I made a terrible mistake, I decided to take out a car loan for my now ex boyfriend. It is a mistake because it is a big loan, for a luxury car. Now that we are over, I would like to cut all ties but I cannot afford this loan payment monthly. I have perfect credit and have worked very hard...
  8. Is paying back loan a sign of good credits?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi All. I have always been debt-free with a decent job. I see people taking loans for all kinds of reasons: cars, houses, education, marriage, etc. .. They say paying back loans on a regular basis adds positively to your credit history. Does it? Please clarify that to me. Why would I have to...
  9. Transunion credit score of 700 and LOC utilization

    General Personal Finance Talk
    All... looking for some feedback from the group. I was recently declined for a credit card, much to my surprise. I'm under 35 years old, earn over $150K, have paid off my mortgage (no mean feet in GTA), always pay off credit cards and bills on time without accruing interest and have no other...
  10. Help with disability tax credit

    Hi there, I have a few questions about the disability tax credit My daughter is 2 years old, she was born March 2013 I was recently made aware that she qualifies for the DTC (she was born with a neuroligical condition, brain cyst at birth, delays, septo-optic dysplasia etc) I want to apply, I...
  11. Tuition Tax Credit Deducted!

    Hello, So I was filing my Tax returns for this year and noticed something weird - After filing my T4s, my Tax Refund looked good in 3 digits. But, after filing my Tuition fees (year 2014, Full Time, 4 months) for $6,000 my tax refund dropped by $300! How? Thanks in advance! :)
  12. How does a mortgage affect credit?

    Real Estate
    A broker told me that a mortgage does not usually show up on a credit report and doesn't help establish a credit history. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  13. Young couple in huge debt!

    Money Diaries
    Hey Everybody, Quite like a few people on here I am new to the forum and am really enjoying reading about everything on here. I was just wondering if anybody has any advice for my wife and me. We are recently married, own an apartment we currently live in and own one rental property, we...
  14. TDS Ratio calculation for credit cards

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am considering to apply for a loan and for most articles I've read, this is an important 'index' to qualify for one. I've looked into my credit report online and found out I'm doing well on my FICO score (~700) so I think the biggest factor for me to qualify would be my TDS ratio. So I was...