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  1. Outstation expense in Canada

    Hello, I am registered as a coporation in Canada and recently got a contractor role in a destination 3 hours away from where I live. The contract runs for 18 months. Due to its distance and probably impact on my family life, I have decided to retain my current residence and keep a small flat in...
  2. Is there a way I can view the notice of assessments of my family members from the CRA

    I'm trying to apply for ODSP and I need my family members notice of assessments but I don't want to ask them because I have SEVERE anxiety and I don't want them to know that I'm applying for ODSP. I'm kind of embarrassed. Is there a way I can contact the CRA and ask them to send me a copy of my...
  3. Paper Return : Return adjusted

    Hi, This is my first year of filing my tax returns in Canada. I am a permanent resident and I submitted my paper return in the first week of march. I got my refund of 1500 CAD today. But when I filed the return the refund was calculated as 5700 CAD. I got access to My Account today and when I...
  4. Can I work in my Corporation for free while receiving Parental Employment Insurance

    Hello, Currently I am getting Parental Employment Insurance. There is a short term project I am interested to take. Based on EI rules if I start work - I will be loosing Parental Employment Insurance (and can't continue it after the end of the project). Is it possible to open a corporation (to...
  5. TFSA/Royal Bank/ CRA problem.

    Royal Bank bought Ally bank in 2013 and does not know how to report correctly to CRA transfer of my TFSA account. I withdrawn money from Royal bank and deposited again next year in another bank according to contribution’s limit. I got a letter from CRA about over contribution. Royal bank does...
  6. Corporation, Self-Employment, and Employee all in one...

    Hello all, I've got an odd scenario, and would greatly welcome feedback, or direction to whom I may speak with for help (paid professional or otherwise). I'll keep this as brief as I can: 1. From 2012 - 2016 I worked as a self-employed contractor in professional services, and didn't properly...
  7. Paying CRA but expecting a lot back.

    I got a notice of assessment and have to pay CRA a few thousand bucks. However there's a mistake at their end and so I'll only owe about half that. Do I pay them the whole amount now to avoid interest calculated daily or should I keep the portion that I think I won't have to pay. It could take...
  8. Joint Account Interest Reporting on Tax Returns

    I have a joint savings account with my spouse. I had income last year while my spouse did not have any. Can I show all the interest income on my wife's Tax returns or do I have to split 50% for each of us? Thanks
  9. Withholding Tax on US dividends

    Hi everyone, I have some US stocks (VTI and VXUS) in my non-registered account with RBC. I know that their dividends are subject to the 15% withholding tax. However, I file a US tax return and have a SSN. So, is there any way for me to avoid the tax? Perhaps by including those securities on...
  10. Have to pay CRA $1100, unsure as to why?

    HELP. The only things I fill out on my taxes are T4s - I live at home, I'm single, not in school (don't judge me I'm moving this year). I moved from one tax bracket into the next this year; I made a total of $49,703.67 between 2 jobs. My one income was $46,494.99 and they taxed me $7,085.79...
  11. Incapacitated Mother and dealing with CRA

    My Mom started showing signs of dementia in 2006 at the age of 68 and was diagnosed as such two years later. Her condition worsened as happens with that horrible affliction and she became far too much of a burden for my Dad in 2012 so was placed in residential care. No complaints from us about...
  12. CRA TFSA Contribution Room Issue

    I logged in to CRA My Account to find out my TFSA contribution room for 2015. The contribution room is incorrect. So I went to their calculation, it does not show my 2014 contributions, nor the end of year withdrawal that I did (around 10 Dec so definitely part of 2014). My contributions and...
  13. Capital Gains / Losses on Shares Sold by Beneficiary

    My google chi is failing me tonight. Maybe someone out there can help me on this one. I'm trying to determine the book value for shares distributed out of an estate to a beneficiary. When a person dies, any shares held in a cash account, are considered sold as of the date of death (deemed...
  14. Huge CRA mistake, now they've frozen my bank accounts over it.

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  15. Seeking for a tax accountant and looking for advice

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a tax accountant and was wondering if anyone have any good recommendations you can recommended. I'm looking for a tax accountant who provides the following services: - Help file income tax for myself and my wife - Provide advice and taxation benefits - Who has...
  16. Tax Implications of Joint Accounts

    I know there's a thread on here about joint accounts but I couldn't find an answer to my question. I know someone who works for the "govt", Bill. Bill won't tell me what he does exactly but he works in some sort of auditing capacity I'm guessing. So let's say Alison receives cash from...