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  1. Coach Potato unrealized gains take the money and run?

    Hello, I have done the "couch potato" investment strategy with my RSPs for about a year now. There have been some modest gains, but with the recent stock market uptick I have seen some more significant returns. My unrealized gains have a healthy balance and I was wondering what to do with...
  2. Couch potato execution - order types and sizes

    Hey Canadian Money Peeps. So - I"m helping my lovely wife put together a couch potato portfolio on RBCDI. I understand the basics of trading and order types... but. She has 200k in cash in the account. (RSP) We are planning on using Vanguard ETFs. Thoughts and suggestions on order sizes? I...
  3. RRSP Portfolio - Need Advice

    Hey folks, I have been following this site for some time, but have not posted previously. My situation: Portfolio: $100k+ RRSP Account: Manulife Financial (through employer) IMF/MER: All paid for by employer (anything i hold in this account is free of management fees) My risk tolerance is...
  4. Couch potato/lazy portfolio - tracking my progress

    Money Diaries
    Hi CMF, Over the past few years I've read numerous articles and academic studies which point out most actively managed funds under perform the index. I'm convinced a couch potato/lazy portfolio is the best way my family can secure financial independence. And yet, for all the media and...
  5. New Couch Potato: How to Allocate?

    Hello, hello! There are must be so many posts like mine; I hope you'll bear with me because I'd be very grateful to hear your advice. I'm new to index investing - aside from reading the Moneysense book and the Boglehead's Guide, where I understand the concept and the basics (and am convinced...
  6. Feedback on my Couch Potato

    Hi everyone, I'm new to managing my own funds. I've had mutual funds in the past and even a highly paid broker but I've decided to go full index couch potato. As I'm new, I was hoping to get some feedback not only about my choices but also about some feedback about logistics of it all. I've...