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couch potato portfolio

  1. Couch potato portfolio with a CCPC

    Great forum - I've been watching from the sidelines but this is my first actual post :) I think this has been discussed is some form or other in the last few years but I still don't have a clear answer: About me - I'm a professional with: A CCPC: currently about 70k in it - growing at about...
  2. Coach Potato unrealized gains take the money and run?

    Hello, I have done the "couch potato" investment strategy with my RSPs for about a year now. There have been some modest gains, but with the recent stock market uptick I have seen some more significant returns. My unrealized gains have a healthy balance and I was wondering what to do with...
  3. DB Pension Plan - equivalent to Bonds portion of Couch Potato?

    So say I have $20k in contributions to a government DB pension plan--can I just consider $20k (although technically, the value would be higher due to accrued interest etc) for simplicity as the "bonds" portion in my portfolio? That would eliminate my need to purchase any bond ETFs. Is that a...
  4. Help w/ my Portfolio please -- I started in 2009 and am looking to streamline now

    Hi there, So I started investing in ETFs in 2009 right after I graduated university at 25. Since then, I've been able to max out my TFSA and RRSPs. I've attempted to learn through reading blogs, forum posts and books but I feel there's more I need to learn so I'm looking for some advice. I've...
  5. Is there risk in not diversifying my diversification? (All eggs in one ETF basket)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Last month I started this thread and, believe it or not, was introduced to the concept of ETFs for the first time. And I'm comfortable at this point trying out a couch potato-esque strategy utilizing them. My question now: even though ETFs are, by their nature, diversified... is there risk in...
  6. HBB and VAB adapting Couch Potato portfolio

    Hello, I've built a portfolio with Couch Potato Model (option #4) from there: I was waiting to purshase the bond part of my portfolio and I think it is a good moment now. However the bonds ETF would be held in the non registered account...
  7. Couch potato/lazy portfolio - tracking my progress

    Money Diaries
    Hi CMF, Over the past few years I've read numerous articles and academic studies which point out most actively managed funds under perform the index. I'm convinced a couch potato/lazy portfolio is the best way my family can secure financial independence. And yet, for all the media and...
  8. How to Choose the Right ETFs for a Sleepy Portfolio? Please Help

    All right, I'm very confused as to what ETFs I need to choose for my portfolio and would really like to start a fruitful discussion on several opposing concepts. I'm trying to clear the following concepts in my head. 1. Investing into a market-wide ETF (S&P) vs dividend paying ETF. Is it worth...