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  1. avoid CMHC fees by paying 20% down?

    Real Estate
    Hi all, Looking for some advice. Say for example a home we were looking at was $500k, 20% would be $100k. Assuming we have no debt, can afford the 20% down, should we do it? I recently read that you can get lower rates if you have an insured mortgage???, by paying less than 20% down, you pay...
  2. Future of CMHC

    General Personal Finance Talk
    There was an article today on the Globe and Mail website on future of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. It seems that the Federal government is interested in privatising it with a 5-10 year time horizon...
  3. New mortgage rules in detail

    Real Estate
    Nobody is this forum has actually covered these new rules off with much detail as of yet so here's the highlights. What is rarely covered is the fact that two sets of rules were issued not just those that effect insured mortgages. OSFI also issued residential mortgage lending guidelines...
  4. CMHC denied to self employed couple

    Real Estate
    I'd like some thoughts on this if anyone can help. A couple of our friends are looking to move, were pre-approved by the bank for a certain amount, and found a house they really like. On going to finalize numbers they were told that since they are both self employed (one less than a year) that...