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  1. General Personal Finance Talk
    My first child was just born and I am trying to open an RESP. I was considering using the "Family" plan, which allows pooling the RESPs of all children in the family, for future children. Thing is, my wife is 22 and we could still have children until she is, say, 42. The RESP rules state that...
  2. Taxation
    This is the 2nd year now that my children have received a T4A (P) slip in the amount of $2.8K. Last year I called CRA and they told me to ignore it. Just want to make sure nothing has changed. My 15 yr old has been working part time and claimed just under $5K in employment income last year.*He...
  3. General Personal Finance Talk
    So, correct me if I'm wrong here, but it sounds like you can simultaneously take maternity leave, get a (tax-deductible) babysitter, and go to school while on maternity/parental leave. Am I missing something? That sounds like a crazy deal (definitely something to consider if I decide to spawn...
1-3 of 5 Results