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  1. Taxation
    Hi everyone. Im very new to this so can someone please explain this is simple terms. If i buy gold iys hdt/gst free but when i sell it I have to give tax on it as its considered capital gain. What does that mean? Im sharing an example (make belief numbers) to understand it better. I bought a...
  2. Taxation
    I keep thinking about this but can't wrap my brain around what is happening with forex gains or losses on my margin account. Suppose I have a margin loan in cad (e.g -50k) and a margin loan in usd (e.g. -100k) and let's say this is secured by US stocks. I understand that the original cash that...
  3. Taxation
    Hello All! Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated... I have sold a property in B.C. Originally I owned only a 33.3% share in "joint tenancy" with my parents. Some time ago one parent died, and thus both my other parent and I inherited half of their 33.3% share -- i.e. our share increased...
1-3 of 3 Results