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  1. Canadian Drug (Rx) Companies, Affected by US imports

    I am looking to explore some Canadian stocks companies that could benefit from the potential law change that would allow USA to import drugs from here. Do you have any suggestions for stocks to look into TIA
  2. How Chinese Economy Impacts Canada?

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Canada and the U.S. may share the world’s longest border, but Canada’s economy relies more heavily on China than the U.S. A strong Chinese economy and rising imports and exports translates into higher investment in Canada and increased demand for goods and services. This also means increased...
  3. Canadian citizenship test | Could i pass the test?

    General Discussion
    I have practiced free citizenship test questions online, but those are very easy to answer, i thought the actual citizenship test is little difficult. I do not want to buy sample questions from paid services. Please look at below sample questions: 1) What is a polling station? Campaign...
  4. What's different for Canadians?

    I'm a beginner at investing and all the books I've read are for Americans. I'm confused because I don't know what applies to me as a Canadian investor and what I need to reinterpret. For example, do we buy stocks from the NYSE & NASDAQ or will I be losing money due to currency conversion or...
  5. Canadian Tax Accountant Familiar With Non-Resident Tax Laws

    I'm a dual-citizen originally from Canada and have lived in California since 2009. Looking for a tax accountant to help me file Canadian taxes, who is familiar with non-resident rules. Thanks! :)
  6. List of Canadian stocks with options AND decent open interest

    Hi all, I have been working with options for my investment portfolios for a couple of years now, but mostly using my US holdings. I do some options strategies in my Canadian holdings of course, but since the volume is so low I need to be careful. To ensure I knew which Canadian securities had...
  7. Little known individual tax claim for monies lost investing or loaning to a Can Corp

    As a small business owner, who struggled to make ends meet last year (business lost money; thanks to self!), I was ecstatic that I could recoup some of the money I invested into my corporation on my personal salary from the company. I thought I would pass on the information as I had never heard...
  8. Financial to-dos for Emigrants

    General Personal Finance Talk
    A friend of mine is emigrating out of Canada with no firm plans to return. He was asking me about what to do with his bank accounts and RRSPs here in Canada. Ideally, he would prefer to keep a portion of his accounts here in Canada. One reason is tax planning. If he withdraws the entire balance...
  9. ETF Dividend Tax Credit

    Are dividends from ETFs that hold only Canadian companies eligible for the Canadian dividend tax credit? The ETF in question is XIC (ISHARES CD SP/TSX CAP ETF).