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  1. Real Estate
    Hi all -- We recently expanded our family and moved away from Vancouver (we couldn't afford a house in Vancouver so we bought a house in the Interior of BC and relocated). We kept our 2-bedroom townhouse in Vancouver as a rental property. We now have a good amount of equity in the rental...
  2. Azx

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Azx been performing well last couple of days. Volume was double the average 2 days ago. Might be a good buy to look into, new news releases are expected.
  3. Investing
    What are your thoughts on the buying and selling of physical gold bars? I understand that buying them is relatively easy especially with dozens of online retailers like JM Bullion and who knows who else? But if you wanted to sell them back for a decent price how would you go about doing that and...
  4. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Stumbled upon this microcap, an operating stage silver and gold mining junior from Blainville, QC. Their balance sheet seemed awful at first, but they're just out of their exploration phase and entered exploitation last year, began pouring and selling nice quantities of silver. They should start...
  5. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Just stumbled upon that stock on the TSX Venture, it seems promising, it had a nice growth in the past few months, but they started posting interesting profits and earnings (EPS 0.04$ for a 0.12$ stock, an impressive ratio!). They had almost 1,000,000$ revenue in the first quarter of 2015...
  6. Investing
    Hi everyone I'm not saying this to brag and to be very honest when I purchased AAPL at $405 (actually purchased LEAPs) I was expecting to either sell for a quick loss or hold to $430. But as it bounced around $430 I decided to hold it and after getting back from vacation it was up to $500. Just...
  7. Investing
    I made a buy order through TD Waterhouse for CEF.A at 20 at 2:59EST yesterday. ( CEF Yahoo Finance Chart ). According to the price chart I should have gotten my order filled. Now I have no idea of the mechanics in stock buy and sell, so I am guessing I set something incorrectly. Or maybe TD...
1-7 of 10 Results