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  1. New Canadian Permanent Resident self employed in UK. Who do I pay taxes to?

    Hi there, I have recently moved to BC as a permanent resident, but I am still being paid in the UK on a self employed basis as an online contractor. I am extremely confused about taxes.. I understand that there is a tax treaty between UK and Canada, but I am unsure who I should pay taxes to...
  2. Half-ownership of out of province partial income property

    Hi, looking for help on how I declare an out-of-province property I purchased in 2015. Details: - BC resident - Purchased 3-unit rental property in Ontario in early 2015 - Half-ownership with a sibling - Same sibling occupies one unit in property, pays "rent" towards mortgage / expenses -...
  3. Capital Gains Tax on Revenue Property in BC

    Hello everyone! Just sold a revenue property in BC and had some questions. How is capital gains tax calculated? My understanding is that only 50% of the gain (profit?) is taxable. So, is that the price we sold it for minus the price we bought it for divided by two? Will we owe what ever my...