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  1. Bond ETFs and rising interest rates

    I understand bonds lose face value when rates go up, but I'm curious if there's a ratio of sorts, e.g. rates go up 1%, bonds go down x%? Looking at ZAG, it dropped about 3% since the rate hike was announced. VAB dropped similarly, I believe. Is this expected?
  2. pay down mortgage vs buying bonds

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi, I have been a DIY investor for some time. My portfolio has been 60/40 stocks/bonds mix. Now that I have just bought my first home, I wonder if I should bother with bonds. My mortgage is fixed for two years at 2.4%. My bond ETF portfolio is probably yielding about 1.4% after fees, etc. My...
  3. Buying individual bonds through Questrade

    As I discovered earlier this year, bonds are free to buy and sell at Questrade. All one has to do is pick a bond from the daily Bonds Bulletin, and then call the bond trade desk to place the order. Sounded easy enough, and since neither I nor my husband like bonds ETFs, I thought that buying...
  4. Bond ETF for Couch Potato

    Hi guys, Just wondering what your thoughts on an alternatives to XBB (MER 0.33). Haven't really touched my portfolio in a while, and figured it may be a good idea in the long run to switch to a lower MER bond etf. Did some quick calculations and the savings over 20 years could be considerable...
  5. Trading bonds over a short period of time?

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Hey guys, newbie here. I'm currently playing a game in class where we have a million dollar portfolio and we invest in different stocks, bonds, and options. One requirement is buying and selling a few bonds. The problem with this is that we only have a couple months with our portfolio, so I'm...
  6. Vanguard International Bond fund

    Hi everyone, apparently Vanguard is going to launch a new etf - Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund Some of the features are: estimated MER will be 0.20% for investors hedged only ex-US. This has been a question on my mind for some time. We often hear that when buying equities...
  7. how bond funds work

    I'm considering buying bond funds over bond issues directly but I have a couple of questions. 1. How are distributions generated? I had assumed that the coupon is passed along to investors but then how does the fund purchase replacement bonds? It's not using the money that I spend to...
  8. 18, Need Help Understanding Some Stuff, Mainly TFSA-Related

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hey, I'm an 18 year old who's taking a year off before attending university for Finance in Canada or overseas in England. Regardless, I want to work in Toronto upon completion of my degree so I can live at home for a few years and amount wealth. Before we delve into my course(s) of action I'd...
  9. Should I get into the market?

    Hello, I've recently saved up enough for a good house down payment, but with housing market as over valued as it is, I'm holding off. It'll adjust. In the meantime, what's a good thing to do with my money? I'm not in for a huge return but I hate for value of my money to be eroded away by...
  10. Distribution Taxes

    Hi all, First off, I want to thank everyone for doing a great job on this forum. As a younger investor, I find this very informative and helpful. I've been looking around for the answer to my question but can't find it. When I had smaller distributions, I didn't worry about this. But as my...
  11. Bond Basics

    General Personal Finance Talk
    In the thread on the explanation of the national debt, forum member byron84 asked some fundamental questions about bonds. In this post, I will try to clarify some of the basic terminology and mechanics of how bonds work. If I make any mistakes, please correct me. A bond is basically a big loan...